Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Financial loans for unemployed people in Canada

After Corona's disease, the State of Canada announced the decision to grant money loans to the unemployed who migrate to the country of Canada, and Canada announced that it was granting financial loans to immigrants to it through the funds agreed upon between countries interested in immigration and immigrants. 

Canada announced that it is about work procedures to grant loans to the unemployed Working from immigrants who do not have shelter and housing. She also said that she will take care of immigrants to her in terms of money, clothing, home and other matters related to immigrants to her. It has been agreed to grant financial loans to individuals from immigrants to her with a specific budget of $ 3 thousand for each migrant pending the immigrant providing work and returning the loan. To the state treasury as well.

It granted a decision that the immigrant must have papers representing him in Canada, such as the triple name, country, work, academic achievement and the rest of the paperwork for immigrants.

Loans have been granted to many immigrants at the present time and from the home side, the state granted financial loans to individuals to buy for themselves medium and simple homes Also, immigrants are helped in the country and not be abused by the Canadian citizen, and racism and sectarianism are also prevented.

There are also many financial grants from time to time to help immigrants who do not have money in their country and immigrated to it, and this matter has been approved by the financial organization for immigrant affairs. Receive the loan, first of which he submits simple identification papers.

Financial grants

 It is imposed by the country of immigration to it, and this is done by calculating the number of immigrants to the country and in the light of that it is agreed to grant loans to immigrants
Where immigrants can request loans easily and without many complications, and Canada announced Friday a package of financial incentives to help the economy worth 10 billion Canadian dollars (7.2 billion US dollars).

The loans were actually made to many immigrants to Canada

 It is worth noting that Corona disease made it easier, and Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced that the stimulus package comes to help companies that are struggling due to the emerging Corona virus epidemic.

Meanwhile, Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz cut the central bank's key lending rate by 50 basis points to 0.75 percent, after another cut earlier this month