Friday, September 25, 2020

Immigration to Norway by marriage and obtaining residency

Marriage with a Norwegian girl for the purpose of immigration to Norway and the approved method .. Immigration to the state of Norway through marriage in Norwegian is a dream of almost all the youth of the Arab region, and this rush to Norway as one of the beautiful and wonderful Scandinavian countries …

There are many questions about marrying a Norwegian girl and how to obtain residency in Norway. It is known to all that marriage is a fast way to obtain residence papers.
Let it be known that marriage to a woman who is pregnant with the Norwegian nationality is likable in this country, but marriage in Norway is very welcome, but white marriage in Norway is the matter that is fought.

Here we will look at the methods used to obtain Norwegian citizenship by marrying a Norwegian girl.

White marriage to Norwegian

White marriage or marriage interest in Norway is a way to benefit from residency in Norway, and after benefiting from residency, divorce takes place, and the agreement is between the two parties to the marriage, and a sum of money is paid by the husband to the wife in exchange for the marriage.
The matter of marriage in Norway is applied to all religions, and not only at the level of the Islamic religion, and we have taken the idea of ​​marrying a Muslim woman in Norway as a close and inspired example.

Marrying a girl with a Norwegian citizenship is a very good and fast step to benefit from residence in Norway and then the Norwegian citizenship, and the goal of marriage should be to create a family in the first place, and the goal is not to obtain an interest, because this is a type of marriage in most of which will end in failure .

Mostly, matters remain unclear, even if the purpose of the marriage is to take advantage of the residence only, because the marriage lasts for a long time, and after marriage in Norway has become a craft to earn money, there have been many cases of fraud and theft by the Norwegian girls, immediately after they happen On a sum of money, the wife requests a divorce, the husband loses what he paid, without taking advantage of the residence, and more are launched by the wife to obtain other funds in case she wants to continue the marriage, and help in benefiting from the Norwegian residence.

Conditions of marriage in Norway

Norwegian girls are many who want to get married, so if you are looking for a Norwegian woman for the purpose of establishing a family
One of the most important conditions in a marriage in Norway is the seriousness of marriage, otherwise marriage in Norway will become a black market for obtaining residency and nationality, and in most cases the cases in marriage in these cases remain undetected, and it covers these cases with the continuity of the marriage.