Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Russia allocates an additional 13.5 billion rubles for the unemployed

It rose to 4.9 percent, after recording 4.8 percent in the previous month.
The authority said in a statement: “For the month of January 2019, according to the preliminary results of a sample survey of the workforce, 3.7 million people, or 4.9 percent of the workforce in the country, were unemployed.”

"Rosstat" pointed out that 0.7 million people have been registered in the state employment offices as unemployed, of whom 0.6 million have received unemployment benefits.
The Russian Statistics Authority also stated that during January 2019, the size of the country's workforce was 74.9 million people, or 51 percent of the country's total population.
The unemployment rate in Russia had risen in January 2018, to 5.2 percent, from 5.1 percent in December 2017.

And the Mayor of Moscow announced: 19 thousand Russian rubles for the unemployed due to the emerging corona virus:

The Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, announced that city residents who will lose their jobs in the conditions of fighting the Corona virus in the country will receive financial compensation.

Sobyanin explained on his website that the amount that those who will find themselves unemployed in Moscow will receive 19.5 thousand rubles (247.5 US dollars), indicating that the aforementioned amount consists of two tranches, unemployment benefit and risk allowance, according to "Russia Today".

A few days ago, the Russian authorities announced several measures to prevent the spread of infection in the country, including stopping a large number of economic and commercial activities, which will inevitably lead to large numbers of citizens losing their jobs.

While the number of new deaths from the new Corona virus "Covid 19" around the world has reached more than 32 thousand cases, in addition to 684 thousand infected cases, and while the number of cases of recovery from this virus has reached more than 146 thousand cases.

In Italy, which recorded the first death from the virus in late February, the number of deaths reached 10023, and 92472 injuries, while 12,384 people were cured.

While the number of Corona virus infections in Spain is close to more than 79 thousand cases, 6528 deaths were recorded, and the number of deaths due to the Corona virus in Switzerland rose to 257 people and 14,336 cases, and more than 38 thousand cases were recorded in Iran, and a health official confirms the high number Deaths due to the epidemic to 2,640.

Thailand announced the registration of 143 new cases of Coronavirus, bringing the total number of infections to 1,388, and the number of deaths to 7.

The director of the Center for Disease Control in the United States expected / that the number of deaths from the Corona virus would exceed 100,000 and that the number of infections would reach millions.

It is noteworthy that the Corona virus appeared for the first time at the end of this year, in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and from there it moved to the rest of Chinese cities and then to a large number of countries of the world, due to its ease of spread, and countries seek to take preventive and precautionary measures such as curfews and others in order to control it.